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Shijiazhuang Zhongshuo pharmaceutical was founded in July, 2008, which covers 60 thousand square metres. Company registered capital is RMB 45 million, locate at No.20, Huangguan road, Xinzhaidian, Zhao County, is 40 kms to Shijiazhuang. Under Zhongshuo Pharmaceutical, Zhongshuo Science & Tech and Zhongshuo Pharma are manufacturers of chemicals, Intermediates and raw material pharmaceuticals. Specialize in manufacturing: D(-)Alpha Phenylglycine Base, D-Phenylglycine Ethyl Potassium Dane Salt, DL-2-(2-Chlorophenyl)glycine, 2-Thiophene Ethanol,L-2-Chlorophenylglycine Methyl Ester, D-(+)-Methyl-alpha-(2-thienylethamino)(2-chlorophenyl)acetate hydrochloride, ATS-5,Chloroacetalehyde,Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid, Arbidol Hcl and Arbidol Hcl Intermediate 5. Company has an estimated investment over RMB100million. And our products mainly supply to the famous pharmaceutical companies both domestic and oversea market, and sales amount is more than RMB230million annually, and go up steadily. Zhongshuo strongly believe that innovation is the source of development, and has developed a unique culture of technological innovation, management innovation, product innovation, service innovation. Zhongshuo also attaches great importance to introduction and training of talents. And establishes a fine platform for their career development, enabling the employees to grow up together with the company, making the company an ideal place to gather talents and to work in.

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Shijiazhuang Zhongshuo Science & Tech Co., Ltd.

Contact: Manager Elena Yu

Contact: 0311-68012035

Email: export@zspcpharm.com


Address: No.20, Huangguan Road , Xinzhaidian, Zhao County, Shijiazhuang, China

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